Moodle jump to SPECIFIC Mahara page

While it is possible to link directly to a Mahara page - for example from a Moodle course to take the student to a specific group, unless you are using a secret URL (which has no editing rights) the user is prompted to login to Mahara before viewing the page.

These instructions show how to modify the link URL to take advantage of an existing Moodle-Mahara SSO so that the user arrives on the Mahara page already signed in to Mahara - a great advantage over jumping to the Mahara dashboard and then having to navigate, or having to sign in a second time and arriving at the desired page.

To prevent auto hyperlinking on this Mahara page I've added a space at the after http:// in all of the example URLs below (which aren't live links anyway). The instructions may appear more complicated than they actually are as I've tried to show them step by step - once you have the format these changes are pretty easy.

slash %2F
question mark  ?  %3F equals sign  =  %3D
  • http://
  • Create your link text on Moodle
    eg   Please go to this page on Mahara
  • Hyperlink this with the URL you have built
  • Test your link. From a logged in Moodle it should take you to the correct page on Mahara, signed in as yourself.

These steps related to a group - but the same principle applies to individual pages (and the address may be simpler). Obviously, for a link leading to a group the user still needs to join the group to access resources, and for an individual page they need permission to view.

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Before taking up this role I was the Learning Technologist for the School of Veterinary Medicine for 7 years, transforming curriculum delivery into a fully blended interactive syllabus, and supporting staff and students develop confidence in using multimedia, eLearning and technology, with a particular focus on Moodle and Mahara. Previously I was the Learning Technologist for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, encouraging use of technology, digital and social media within performing arts education.

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