Welcome to University of Glasgow Mahara

Mahara provides the tools to set up a personal learning and development environment. It is available for you to use during your time at the University. It can provide a wide-ranging view of your learning and development over different subject areas and throughout your studies. 

You might begin by filling out fields in your Profile via the "Profile" tab above and then you can upload or create material in your Portfolio via the "My Portfolio" tab. 

In Mahara items in your Portfolio are referred to as 'Artifacts', these may include files (images, audio, video,word, pdf, etc.) that you upload and blogs that you create to capture your reflections on learning.


Artifacts in your Portfolio may be shared with friends, tutors or others by creating "Pages". Pages are made via a simple design process that involves dragging Artifacts into position and annotating as appropriate.


Mahara also allows you create/join groups (via the "Groups" tab) of people at the University of Glasgow for learning related social networking.  You can share Pages with groups as well as with individuals friends or tutors.


Remember: Personal Development Planning, whilst guided by your Faculty, is about your own learning, outlook and experience.  Mahara is *your* tool and anything that you create here is private and only accessible by you until you choose to share it.



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