The School is using exam answer sheets in place of script books for all Accounting & Finance (ACCFIN), Economics (ECON) and Management (MGT) exams.

  • To enable electronic return of exam answer sheets to students via Moodle
  • To remove as much manual processing from assessment administration as possible
  • To reduce paper use in exams

Exam guidance

Before the examination

•Each student should be provided with white answer sheets; yellow sheets should be provided to students who need more than one sheet per question on request.

•Students will require one white answer sheet per question.  The exam paper rubric will specify how many questions are to be answered.

Using the answer sheets

•Students must use a black ballpoint pen

•They should start writing on the left side of the front of the sheet

•Each student has been provided a character set on the first page of the exam paper to be used for completing the boxes at the top of each sheet.  This is designed to improve the quality of the processes for machine reading this information.

•Students must complete their identifying details and question information at the top of each sheet that is used. 

•Students will raise their hand if they need a continuation sheet – they must be provided with a yellow sheet for this purpose.

After the exam

•All answer sheets should be collected in the A3 plastic box provided.

•All answer sheets should be unfolded to A3 size, with the completed boxes for student ID etc. facing up and in the same direction and should be organised sequentially.  Any continuation sheets should follow the relevant white answer sheet.  It is important that no sheets are folded because they could damage the scanner. Students must return all answer sheets, even if not used.

•You can ask the students to fold the answer sheets, permitting you to count by student and unfold them as you count and place in the boxes.  We acknowledge that this process takes longer than with script books.   The GTAs who attend at the end of the exam will assist on request.

•Exam papers and other associated documents must not be collected with the answer sheets (this could damage the scanner).  Students can take these away unless the exam paper specifies otherwise.



Your invigilation pack will include a briefing document with this information as an aide-memoire for invigilators.

Before or during the exams, if you have any questions re the use of the answer sheets, please contact Marylise Tate in the first instance (0141 330 3723).



TeleForm visual checklist for invigilators

Invigilators' video

Students' video

Calculator policy

The Business School has introduced a Calculator Policy; some exams allow or require the use of calculators which students must select from the list of approved models, provided below.  Unapproved calculators should be confiscated and an Exam Incident Report (EIR) form completed.

  • Casio FX83GT / Casio FX83GT+
  • Casio FX85GT / Casio FX85GT+
  • Sharp EL531WH
  • Aurora AX-582BL
  • Sharp EL-233SBBK

TeleForm Answer Sheets

There are 2 types of exams with 2 different types of paper:

ESSAY: double sided A3 answer sheets (white and yellow)

MCQ: single sided A4 page with A-D or A-E response bubbles

Answer sheets can be lined or unlined, please find below links to the answer sheets for your information:


School contacts

Issues/questions before or during exam:

Marylise Tate, Quality Assurance Support Administrator, 0141 330 3723

TeleForm Team

  • Hooi Ling Eng, TeleForm Project Manager, 0141 330 3676
  • Malcom Goldie, Analyst, 0141 330 2961
  • Nicola Birkin, Undergraduate Programmes Manager, 0141 330 4618
  • Claire Cameron, Programmes Administrator, 0141 330 6134
  • Angela Lyle, Quality Enhancement and Assurance Administrator, 0141 330 4882
  • Marylise Tate, Quality Assurance Support Administrator 0141 330 3723