This is information for the Adam Smith Business School's GTAs when undertaking invigilation duties (in-course exams or other occasions).

Guidelines on invigilation and announcements to be made to students

Please read the guidelines below and instructions carefully.


ASBS guide: Additional invigilation information

Students seating arrangement

Students should be asked to sit in the following manner in Lecture Theatres:

  • 1 space between students
  • 1 alternate empty row horizontally (i.e. students to use row 1, 3, 5 etc..)

Collecting and returning exam paperwork from the School

Please collect the exam papers, answer sheets and invigilator pack from the Programmes Administrator from the School's Reception in the Business School Administration Suite on Level 2,  30 minutes before the start of the exam. Please ensure relevant door codes/access information is included before leaving the Administration Suite.

Please refer to ASBS guide "Additional invigilation info".



EIR - Exam Incident Report

Once you are certain improper behaviour has occurred you must do the following and complete an EIR:

• Advise the student calmly and discreetly that they are suspected of improper behaviour
• Describe what you have observed (concealed notes, communicating with others etc.)
• Confiscate all unauthorised material
• If a student has written on a part of their body that you are able to photograph (e.g. their arm) then take a photo on your phone and accompany the student to wash off any writing.
• If a student is in possession of a phone, smartwatch. Confiscate it and take a photo.
• Phones and smartwatches are the ONLY prohibited items that can be returned to students after the exam. ALL other confiscated items must be given to the School
• Inform the student that a report will be submitted to the School
• The Invigilator should draw a line under the last item written by the student.
Record the time, sign it and return the answer sheet to the student
• Permit the student to complete the examination
• If the student approaches you after the exam, inform them the School will pass your report to the Senate Office
• Advise that enquiries should be directed to their School to explain University procedure.
• Record the incident promptly (during the exam).
• Do not allow the student to read the report.
• Keep your report specific, factual and concise as it may be used at a Senate hearing



Improper Behaviour Report Form

PowerPoint presentation

The School uses PowerPoint slides to provide information to students at the beginning, during and at the end of an exam.

The Programmes Administrators will provide you with a USB.



MCQ Slides to project to students

Using answer sheets

For Essay exams, students should be given 1 white answer sheet / question and ask for yellow continuation sheets.


Please refer to ASBS guide "Additional invigilation info".



Use of calculators

Some Business School exams allow or require the use of calculators which students must select from the list of approved models, provided below.

  • Casio FX83GT / Casio FX83GT+
  • Casio FX85GT / Casio FX85GT+
  • Sharp EL531WH
  • Aurora AX-582BL
  • Sharp EL-233SB-BK

Students are responsible for purchasing an approved calculator and bringing it to relevant exams. Invigilators are expected to check all calculators and and unapproved models will be removed from students. In such instances, an Exam Incident Report form will be completed by the invigilator and students will be referred to the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct for breaching School guidance on calculator use.

The School cannot provide calculators to students at exam venues.

Scanning attendance at in-course exams

The School scans student cards to record attendance at  exams.

Please refer to ASBS guide "Additional invigilation info".


Exam over - collecting papers

Please ask students at the end of the exam to check that they have (using the Standard Character Set provided):

  • written their student number
  • sheet number
  • question number
  • course code
  • exam date

Please count the number of students against the number of answer sheets you collected and let the administration staff know when you return the exam paperwork to the School.  The number of students in attendance should match the number of answer sheets collected (not individual sheets per students, 1 "lot").  An exam could have 3 questions to answer and a student could also use continuation sheets for some questions so 1 student may have 5 answer sheets; you can loosely fold the answer sheets for counting purposes to allow you to count 1 lot per student and unfold them before placing them in the plastic box. 

 Please refer to ASBS guide "Additional invigilation info".


Use of language dictionaries

Students whose first language is not English are entitled to use a Language Dictionary.

Students would have been asked before the exams to complete the online Dictionary Form on Moodle.  

Please spot check any dictionaries.  Should you come across any inappropriate use please confiscate the Dictionary,  record student's details and notify the Programmes Administrator.


Announcement to make to students

An announcement, included in your invigilation pack, should be made to students at the start of the exam by the lead / experienced invigilator.




Relief Invigilators

From time to time, invigilators are unable to complete their duties at short notice and this can cause serious difficulties.  As such, the School decided to implement Registry’s relief invigilator system.

Relief invigilators will be allocated a venue and will invigilate with a colleague. If they are required elsewhere, they will be telephoned to invigilate in another venue (please have your mobile on before the start of an exam if you are a relief invigilator).

It is essential that you diarise all invigilation slots carefully and accurately to ensure reliability and that exams in the School are not jeopardised in any way.


Students with disabilities

Most students with disabilities are entitled to 15 mins extra time per hour.  Those students sitting their exams in a main venue should have the extra time at the beginning of the exam and be seated at the back of the room to avoid disruption when the rest of the class arrives. Information on early start times is available on the Registry website:

If a student uses a computer, please check that the work has been saved on the USB provided by the Programmes Administrators and that it can be opened before leaving the exam room.


TeleForm video for Invigilators

TeleForm video for students

Business School Examination Policy

Those are guidelines sent to all staff before each degree examination diet.  Some of it is relevant for in-course exam invigilation therefore useful for you to be aware of.


Access to the Admin Suite

You should have been given access to the Administration Suite outwith office hours via your student id card.

Please try your card to see if it works.  If it doesn't, please contact Lorna Wilson at Reception.


Contact - emergency

Please provide us with your mobile number in case we need to contact you urgently.

We rely on you to invigilate the in-course exams therefore if you could no longer invigilate an exam for any reason, please notify us as soon as possible.

Should you experience any issues during an exam, telephone:

  • Deborah Tennent:  0141 330 3723 (if exam taking place between 9am - 5pm)
  • The Programmes Administrator for the exam (if exam taking place after 5pm)
  • The School's Reception: 0141 330 4542 / 3993

Subject responsibilities

Should you have any queries concerning registering as GTAs, training opportunities or your current workload, please contact your Subject Support Administrator below.

More information can also be obtained from the webpage below

  • Workload Model related tasks (producing marking schedules/allocations, generating teaching agreements/contracts etc.) for the three subjects: Nargause Majid
  • Admin related tasks for the three subjects:  Lynn Miller 

A new email address for the team has been set up therefore please send any requests to:



You will be paid your hourly rate.  GTAs should record their own hours onto the HRCore system in line with the Payroll deadlines.

Please consult GTAs' webpage for further details and guide:

Details of invigilation for Registry Invigilators will be sent to Business School Finance in line with the Payroll deadlines. There is no need for Registry Invigilators to record their hours.

The School has agreed payment as detailed below:

  • 1 hour exam will be paid 2 hours (including time to collect paperwork 30 mins before the exam, collect the answer sheets and return them to the School at the end of the exam)

  • 2 hours exam will be paid 3 hours - as above

  • 15 mins or 30 mins will be added for those invigilating students with disabilities who have extra time (15 mins / hour).


GTAs' questions and answers

Here is for your information some questions asked by GTAs in a session which took place in 2014/15.


Maps, room photos

We all know how difficult finding rooms around the University can be so please see below some links which might be useful:

Remember that you can also use the University App:


Useful links

Please see below some links related to the invigilation duties:

TeleForm project: 

 Estates & Building to report a fault with a room