My name is Satinder _________ and I am an MSc International Accounting and Financial Studies student at the University of Glasgow. This highly respected accredited postgraduate degree is based within one of the longest established accounting departments in the UK. The Department was ranked 1st in Scotland and 5th in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

Professional summary

My current interests include international business and management accounting. I am particularly interested in the way in which a detailed understanding of cost and budgeting is integral to all effective management decisions.  I am also extremely interested in the ways in which businesses operate within an international environment and, in particular, the role and function of multinational corporations.

In my future career I hope to be able to use my highly developed language skills to secure employment as a Chartered Management Accountant in an international firm. I would be particularly keen to specialise in the area of corporate finance in a large international firm with the opportunity for travel.

In 2006 I completed a 3 month summer placement with Godfrey Stern International in Hong Kong in their product control section. I have recently been accepted on to KPMG's 8-week paid summer placement scheme which will take place between July and August 2010. This placement will be within their Tax and Pensions practice. 

Jobs and careers ePortfolio

The Jobs and careers ePortfolio below reflects on the career-related activities I participated in within the Graduate Skills Programme (GSP). In addition, it includes an up-to-date CV and a section which reflects on my future career aspirations and the types of organisations I envisage myself working for.

This Jobs and careers ePortfolio is just one of four ePortfolios I have developed through GSP. The other ePortfolios cover skills and competencies relating to Academic skills, Extra-curricular activities and Work-related learning. You will find links to them all in the GSP ePortfolio links section below.

ePortfolio contents (Details)

This page contains the following elements:

1. Jobs and careers skills sessions - learning outcomes and impact: An overview of the GSP Jobs and careers-related skills sessions I have participated in and a description of the impact of the knowledge and skills acquired in these sessions on my academic studies and my future employability.

2. Career planning - Organisation profiles: A selection of potential future employers, their organisation profiles and the key advantages that they might offer me.

3. Career planning - Career aspirations: An overview of my current short, medium and long term career goals and the enabling factors which will help me achieve these aspirations

4. Career planning - Current vacancies: A selection of current job types that I would consider applying to in the short-term (immediately post graduation) and in the medium term (5 years after gaduation).

5. Curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile: A concise overview of my academic and employment history, and my current skill-sets as detailed in my CV and LinkedIn Profile.

6. Jobs and careers - Personal Development Plan: A list of all activities (both GSP and non-GSP) that I have completed (or plan to complete) and which relate to my career planning and job application skills

7. Certificates and awards: Certificates and awards which relate to my career planning and job application skills

2. Career planning - Organisation profiles (Details)

This section details three different kinds of companies which I would consider working for post-graduation. It provides an outline of their organisation profile and the key advantages that working for them would offer me. (continued...)

3. Career planning - Career aspirations (Details)

The table below sets out my short, medium and long term career goals and the enabling factors which will help me achieve these aspirations.


Job Title Timescale Enabling Factors
Graduate Accountant with large international firm On graduation (Aug 2012)
  • 2/1 or 1st Class BAcc
Management Accountant (big 4 or SME) 5 year stage (2017)
  • ICAS Chartership
Senior Management Accountant 10 year stage (2022)

5. Curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile (Details)

In this section you will find my most up-to-date Curriculum vitae and a link to my current LinkedIn profile. They include a comprehensive overview of my educational background, my employment history and my most relevant skill sets. (continued...)

6. Jobs and careers - Personal Development Plan (Details)

The table below provides an overview of the activities I have been involved in during the 'Jobs and careers' element of GSP. These skills sessions and activities have helped me to reflect on the skills that employers look for in potential applicants and how I most effectively market myself in the job market. They have also helped me to reflect on my future career and how I might plan the first stages of my entry into the world of work.  

This plan has been developed with the SMART objective setting framework in mind. In other words, all of the goals listed are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.  

View Jobs and careers - Personal development plan

7. Certificates and awards (Details)

Certificates and awards which relate to my development of academic skills

GSP ePortfolio links (Details)

The links below will take you to other sections of my GSP ePortfolio. This ePortfolio provides a comprehensive overview of my skills and competencies:

1. Jobs and careers skills sessions - learning outcomes and impact (Details)

Between January 2010 and July 2011 I undertook 3 GSP skills sessions which helped me to develop my career planning and job application skills. These sessions covered the following skill areas:

These sessions helped me to reflect on and develop a range of skills and techniques that have impacted significantly on my ability to market myself to employers and plan my future career and will, I believe, enhance my future employability (continued...)

Graduate jobs in accounting and finance

Internship - PwC


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