My name is Julie _______ and I am currently studying an MA in History and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. This undergraduate programme is based within two highly rated research and teaching centres of excellence. (See Professional summary

In addition to striving for academic excellence in all of my academic work I have participated in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities throughout my degree. These activities have helped me to build an impressive portfolio of skills and experience which I believe will be of equal value to me in the world of work.

This section of my ePortfolio reflects on the transferable skills and Graduate Attributes I have developed through my involvement in the Graduate Skills Programme (GSP) 'Extra-curricular' element - in particular, through my involvement in the University of Glasgow Dialectic Society. (The activities covered by this element included Clubs and Societies, Student Ambassadors and Student Representatives). This page will also explore how these skills have impacted on (and been developed through) my academic studies, and how, in the future, they may impact on my employability.

This 'Extra-curricular activities ePortfolio' is just one of four ePortfolios I have developed through GSP. You can access my other ePortfolio pages through the GSP ePortfolio links in the top right hand side of this page. The other ePortfolios cover skills and competencies relating to Academic skills, Extra-curricular activities, Work-related learning and Jobs and careers.

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1. Extra-curricular activities - learning outcomes and impact (Details)

Between November 2008 and June 2010 I was a member, and latterly, president of the University of Glasgow Dialectic Society. My involvement in the Dialectic Society, and Clubs and Societies more generally, has helped me to develop a range of skills and competencies that have impacted significantly on my academic studies and will, I believe, enhance my future employability. (continued....) 

4. Extra-curricular activities - Documentary evidence (Details)

DebatingThis section contains documentary evidence of the key skills and competencies that I have highlighted in the Competency Framework on this page. It includes academic assignments, research projects, business reports, and business consultancy projects that I have produced or been involved in. (continued...)

ePortfolio contents (Details)

This page contains the following elements:

1. Extra-curricular activities - learning outcomes and impact: An overview of my involvement in Clubs and Societies, and how the knowledge and skills acquired through this involvement impact on my academic studies and future employability.

2. Extra-curricular activities - Skills Summary table: A list of the key transferable skills and attributes I have developed through my participation in extra-curricular activities within GSP.

3. Extra-curricular activities - Skills Evidence: Detailed examples and evidence of how and where I have developed these key transferable skills and attributes through my involvement in Clubs and Societies and, more generally, through my extra-curricular studies.

4. Extra-curricular activities - Documentary Evidence: An archive of documents and assignments which evidence particular skills and attributes relating to my Skills Summary table.

5. Extra-curricular activities - Personal Development Plan: A list of all activities that I have completed (or plan to complete) and which have contributed to my development of transferable skills and attributes within the GSP Extra-curricular element.

6. Certificates and awards: Certificates and awards which relate to my development of transferable skills within the GSP Extra-curricular element.

3. Extra-curricular activities - Competency evidence (Details)

Through my engagement with a range of extra-curricular activities through GSP I have developed a range of transferable skills as listed in the Competency framework on this page. This section provides concrete examples and evidence of what these skills are and how they have been developed (more...)

5. Extra-curricular activities - Personal Development Plan (Details)

The table below provides an overview of the extra-curricular activities which I have been involved in during my degree studies and the skills which were targeted within each of the activities. The table also details the extra-curricular activities that I would like to develop further in the future. This plan has been developed with the SMART objective setting framework in mind. In other words, all of the goals listed are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.  

View Personal development plan: Extra-curricular activities

6. Certificates and awards (Details)

Certificates and awards which relate to my development of transferable skills in the Extra-curricular activities element of GSP

  • Graduate Skills Programme - Extra-curricular skills element certificate (June 2010)
  • Avalanche Awareness Course - Training certificate
  • Winters Skills and Advanced Winter Survival
  • SPARQs Student Representative Training Certificate

GSP ePortfolio links (Details)

The links below will take you to other sections of my GSP ePortfolio. This ePortfolio provides a comprehensive overview of my skills and competencies:

2. Extra-curricular activities: Competency framework (Details)

Through my involvement in extra-curricular activities, such as Clubs and Societies, I have developed a range of skills and competencies. The majority of these skills are equally transferable to the world of work. I have listed these skills in the Personal Competency Framework below. 

View Personal Competency Framework

For detailed examples of how and where I have developed and demonstrated these skills see the Extra-curricular activities - Competency evidence section on this page.

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