Skills and experience development plan (Details)

The tables below provide an overview of the curricular and extra-curricular activities I have participated in or intend to participate in during my time at university. These activities form the basis of my personal development plan which has been designed to equip me with the transferable and professional skills I will require in my future career. The tables are split into three 'goal' areas:

  • Goals achieved (Oct 2008-Jan 2010)
  • Short-term goals (Academic year 2010/11)
  • Long-term goals (Before completion of degree Jun 2012)

Goals achieved (Oct 2008-Jan 2010)

Skill/Experience areaActivitySkills targetedDate of completion
Work experienceTreasurer - Student Basketball ClubFinancial record keeping; budgeting  Oct 2008-present
Research skills and referencingIT Services Library and Bibliography workshop Information retrieval and research data storage  Nov 2008
Use of ePortfolio technologyUsing mahara ePortfolio workshopUse of ePortfolio technology in professional development  Mar 2009
Time management skillsStudent Learning Service workshopEffective project management and time keeping Mar 2009
Statistical analysis and accountingBusiness statistics 2 (Level 2 course)How to analyse, present and apply financial statistics to business situations Dec 2009
Academic writingStudent Learning Service workshop Written communication and report writingJan 2010

The table below details the skills development areas and activities that I would like to develop further. These goals have been set with the SMART objective setting framework in mind and are divided into long and short term plan goals:

Short-term goals (Academic year 2010/11)

Skill/Experience area ActivitySkills targeted

Date of completion 

Work experienceSummer placement in management consultancy department of one of 'Big4' international firmsIncrease awareness of working in business environment. Increase understanding of role of management consultancy within large international firmSummer 2010
ExcelIT Services 'Going Further with Spreadsheets' Further develop understanding of scope of Microsoft excel in recording and analysing dataJan 2011
International businessInternational Financial Management (Level 3 Honours option)Increase understanding of international business environment and the role therein of large multinational corporationsDec 2011
Access DatabasesIT Services 'Introduction to Access Databases'Further develop understanding of scope of Microsoft Access in storing and interrogating large datasetsMar 2011
Time managementEvolve Project Time Management online tutorialIncrease awareness of a range of time management techniques in effective project managementMar 2011

Long-term goals (Before completion of degree Jun 2012)

Skill/Experience area ActivitySkills targeted Date of completion 

Psychometric testing and personality types 

MBTI Course - Careers ServiceIncrease understanding of own preferred working style and ability to play to strengths and avoid weaknesses particularly in group working environment. Jul 2011

Academic writing tutoring 

EFL tutoring for international studentsFurther develop written communication and language skills. Develop mentoring skills. Oct 2011
International business and ERMThe role of the ERM in European financial stability - undergraduate dissertationDevelop understanding of ERM for future career in overseas European business environment. April 2012


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